Smarty Pants Learning Center  - Half Day Preschool
​Not all preschools are created equal. See why teachers with a degree in education make a significant difference in creating a balanced curriculum that includes life skills, academic and play. 

3 Year Old Program
Smarty Pants creates an environment which will naturally help develop children and their desire to explore, discover, and learn from the world around them.  We strive to develop the young child not only in academic areas, but in social, physical and emotional areas as well.  We will  introduce letters, numbers, shapes, creative arts, motor skills and social skills in this program.

Monday & Wednesday
Tuesday & Thursday
9:00am - 1:00pm 

$280.00 per month

Payment is due the 1st day of each month
Sorry no refund for sick or missed days

4 Year Old Program/Kindergarten Readiness
Getting ready for kindergarten is exciting and we want your child to stay excited about learning! Our curriculum helps children develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they'll need to succeed in kindergarten, school and life.  Our lesson plans deepen understanding of basic academic concepts through exploration, investigation, and play.  We provide a place where children can challenge themselves and enjoy the thrill of discovery as they look forward to school.  The curriculum emphasizes pre-reading skills, reading, handwriting, and math, while including geography, art, music, and social graces.

Monday - Thursday​
9:00am - 1:00pm

3 days - $420.00 per month 
4 days - $560.00 per month 

Payments due 1st day of each month
Sorry no refund for sick or missed days